Are Used Table Saws Worth It?

You may think that when money is tight that the best option is to source a used table saw. Please think again, I have been down this route and it is a minefield.

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If you really cannot beat the temptation to by secondhand then at least follow my pointers and ask the seller the following questions:

  • How many hours have they used the table saw for?
  • Did they buy it new and have they had any issues
  • Is the table saw still under warranty?
  • What power supply does it run off?
  • How old is the blade and what have they used it for?
  • Do they have any spare parts that they can through into the

The Right Questions To Ask

Before parting with your hard earned cash, go and see the saw in action. Does it run smooth? Get a plaster board cut off or wood cut off and get the thing in action.

Do not go spending decent money on a used table saw when you can pick up a brand new one under warranty for $400 to $700 especially if you are a contractor and your livelihood is at stake.

Spare parts can also be a problem with a used table saw. Check that they are available before you buy.

Let me start off by saying that table saws are expensive, but hey you probably already knew that otherwise you would not be reading this post. I once went and bought a used table saw and will never do it again. Why? Because I simply did not know how the guy before me had treated it.

My Own Experience Buying A Used Table

The saw I bought burnt out after a month, the guy must have really hammered it hard.

I had to order a load of spare parts and it ended up costing me as nearky as much as a brand new one.

Also I am ultra electricity conscious and do not like the older table saw models which can overload your garage fuse box. So my number one rule is to always buy new, it will save you headaches in the long run.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I have saved you some cash.

That is why I have written this post, to allow you to make an education decision before you go ahead and buy a table saw that is right for you.

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