How to use table saw in best way?


Table saw is the loving and useful equipment for craftsman and wood lovers. You can cut the logs of wood and can make little woody household things by your own. But foremost vital thing is that you should know about how to use table saw?

table saw

Guidelines For Using Table Saw:

Few guidelines about how to use table saw is given below.

Manual Guidelines:

It is very important to read manual instructions given to you at the time of purchasing your package. A Manual book guideline becomes more essential when tool is dangerous like table saw. These guidelines will help in using the blades. After reading the user manual, it will become easy for you to tight and loose the blade correctly in no time.

Safety Glasses:

It is very important to wear glasses before doing any art on woods with the help of table saw as protection of eyes is very important. Glasses will protect your eyes during work. Sometimes when you are doing art on woods saw table kick out some dusty material or little pieces of wood that can damage the delicate part of your eyes. That is why safety glasses are essential part of this work.

Sharp Blade:

Another important tip while using saw table is that never uses dull blades. Dull blades can bind the wood which in return can cause some woody blades to kick back. Try to use sharp blades in the saw system.

Blade Guard:

It is important to know that either of the bolts is loose or tight. You have to check these bolts time to time.blade guard

It is better if you have an additional pair of safety guards for precautions purpose.

Blade And Fence Are Square:

For perfect wood cutting job it is very important to know if the blade or fence is square or not? This is because you cannot cut woof with hundred percent accuracy and precision if these two are not in square shape. To make it sure all you have to do is just draw a parallel line completely straight on the one piece of wood. Make it sure that line is parallel to the edge. Finally cut the line with saw.

Avoid Jewelry Or Working Clothes:

Working on table saw is very dangerous. Do not wear jewelry or loose clothes. Blade can grab these things towards it and can cause even death.

Low Blade Height:

As the height of blade is decreased it will be less risky. Lower height blade has lower potential to kick back material. But if the blade height is higher than its potential will be high because there are only some teeth of blades in the wood. This can cause increase in friction and in return increase in heat which finally increases the potential of kicking back.

Knots And Staples:

it is very essential to give a good look to all the knots and nails of the wood log before using the saw. Whenever table saw blades come over any knot it can cause problem both in the cutting quality of woods and blades. If there is any nail present in the log then you must adjust the log in such a way that blades can never come on knot point.

Maximum Rpm:

Another precious tip is to switch-on the saw and leave it as it is until its reaches the maximum rpm. Start cutting wood after the saw reaches its maximum speed; this will increase its efficiency and accuracy. This will also increase the life of your machine.

These all are some basic instructions about how to use machine in good way. Most of the time people are unable to take the complete advantage of their product. This happens when you are not aware about the complete usage system of your product. This article will help you to make your table saw more beneficial and useful.

Take care 🙂

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